Heretics Brew and the Gluisop

Gluisopcropped blue

In late 2007 I commenced a foray into the world of electronic music, working with Stuart Favilla and Joanne Cannon in a group know as Heretics Brew. Stuart has built a range of new electronic instruments including his light harp, Joanne’s leather bassoons, and several saxophones with attached controllers. The Gluisop hardware control panels allow realtime signal processing using MaxMSP without taking hands off the instrument to fiddle with a laptop – a true extended saxophone.

These tracks are recordings of the first time I played the instrument – one take, no overdubs.


Joanne, Stuart and I played together regularly for a couple of years, developing a strong ensemble sound and exploring the vast range of expressions possible on these instruments.

In 2008 we attended NIME in Genova in Italy to present performances and a paper discussing the technology and instruments.

Ren Walters and I recorded this track at 3MBS-FM in 2009. It combines the Gluisop with Ren’s steel string guitar.


Playing this instrument expanded my sonic imagination into multi voiced possibilities, and led to the development of a technique I call multilayering, where a number of different sounds are produced simultaneously on a woodwind instrument and shaped in various dynamic ways. My masters thesis contains more recordings and information on this technique.


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