Expose with David Tolley

I first met and played with David Tolley in 2005. He soon formed Remove with Ted Vining, Ren Walters and myself, a revisitation of the traditional jazz quartet format he eschewed many years prior. This group provided me with a solid introduction David’s experimental musical concepts and philosophies.

In 2010 as part of my Masters research into creative improvisation processes we began playing as a duo. This partnership, Expose, soon became a powerfully creative investigation that transformed our approaches to sound making and collaborative interaction, and has both radically and subtly changed the way I approach all forms of music making. We recorded 15 cds that document the evolution of our individual sounding praxes and reveal the growth of a deep ensemble empathy.

David’s website contains his description of the project.

Several tracks can be listened to here.

More recordings can be accessed via my Masters thesis, which documents some of the creative processes that unfolded in this collaboration between early 2010 and late 2012.

David and I continued to make music together up until early 2014 when his sad passing closed this fruitful and inspiring chapter in my creative journey.


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