Monday Morning 9/2/15

“It’s not about the notes, it’s about the sound.”

“You really have to play your instrument to escape from notes to sound.”

Albert Ayler

The musical developments from last weeks session (2/2/15) continue into more abstracted explorations of sounds. In these sessions I am discovering ways to play freely on the flute that eluded me a few years ago during my Masters work with David Tolley in Expose. Back then I couldn’t draw enough dynamic and timbral variety from the instrument. That seems to have changed Now seems to be the appropriate time for the flute to bear fruit.

The stereo mike setup is allowing us to play into the stereo sound space, shifting sounds around the space and allowing sounds from different parts of the flute to be heard in different places.

Carlo is playing more freely too, creating beautiful textures and responding in unorthodox ways that feed into the dialogue in interesting ways. You can hear this process of freeing up unfold across these three tracks.




Monday morning 2/2/2015 Jazz flute of a kind!

Here’s the session with Carlo from yesterday morning. The first 4 tracks were recorded as one long piece that Carlo has split into 4 movements. Laila Engle‘s awesome flute playing at Homophonic last week inspired these improvisations. I think I can hear some magpies in there too! I play soprano saxophone on the last 2 tracks

Improvising freely is the most liberating form of play on my instruments. Its an enactment of all those terms – “in the moment”, “flow”, “in the zone” – that many of us strive for in the more structured aspects of our lives. Thanks to Carlo for sharing these stories.