Inside Outside 1 2 3


Inside Outside 1 2 3 – post-serial jazz

Tony Hicks woodwind          Carlo Canevali  drums            Dan Sheehan piano

 For a short burst of intense serial jazz check out this clip from our first gig at the Brunswick Green in October 2016.

Inside Outside 1 2 3 –

intermedia performance experiments…

…placing artists from different performative mediums (dancers, poets, experimental sound artists, video artists) into the improvised music space to expand the collaborative ensemble experience and disrupt entrenched performance paradigms.

Persian contemporary dancer Elnaz Sheshgelani joins us as a fourth member at our regular Brunswick Green gigs.


Inside Outside 1 2 3 currently performs on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays every month at the Brunswick Green. All are welcome to check it out and to respectfully participate in collaborative performance art-making.

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