Inside Outside 123 gets better and better

These gigs around developing more focus and intense creative intent. Simon Fisher’s beautiful lighting made this one particularly beautiful.

April 4 2017


Inside Outside 1 2 3 March 7 2017

Inside Outside 1 2 3 random meeting in the park!

Inside Outside 1 2 3 Feb 7 2017

Another beautiful video clip from last Tuesday at the Brunswick Green, masterfully filmed and edited by Rick Avetz .


The night started with some evocative work from Dan, Carlo and myself, Elnaz moving and singing Persian traditional songs, Gillian, Dario, Simon Starr on bass and trumpet, and joined by Nathan Soh on alto sax for a superbly timed entry at the climax to the piece. By the second set we had grown to include a third double bassist (Myriander Fitzgerald), extra percussion from George El Azar (darbuka) and Joseph (cajon), special guest spoken word artist Piers Gooding riffing on themes of flight and Melbourne in summer, and Persian folk singing from Tabasom. At one point, fragments of Gershwin filtered through the delicate atonal textures.

Thanks to everyone for your extraordinary empathy and musicality. There were too many memorable moments to catch on one short clip, but here are a few.

Next gig is Feb 21, 830-11pm Brunswick Green, 313 Sydney Rd Brunswick


More Monday Morning

The latest instalment from the sessions with Carlo. For some reason the clarinet plays a featured role after my German adventure.

Gigs in Berlin and Bremen

Gigs in Berlin next week on the way to Jazzahead with Crossing Roper Bar in April 24.

Good friend Sam Hall has lined up some great groups.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.25.07 pm

Berlin looks like the place to be on Wednesday night!Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.25.31 pm

Monday Morning meets Infinite Ape 9/3/15

Last week Carlo and I visited Dan to play trios.

After 12 months playing with Dan and 6 months with Carlo I have a clear sense of how to respond to their respective improvisation languages. In the trio format I loved being sandwiched between the two, hearing how they reacted to each other, and navigating my way through with dialogues and oppositions, bouncing ideas around and exploring new combinations.

We’ll definitely play more in future.

Here is the recording.